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This unique herbal formula combines New Zealand Olive Leaf extract (Oleuropein) and patented IDP. Effectively strengthens the immune system , protects against viral and common infections promotes heart health and optimizes blood sugar levels. Olive Leaf Extract is an ancient western herbal remedy, with long-standing history and well known for its natural curative effects. Its main active component Oleuropein acts as a strong natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to alleviate various conditions. Suitable as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats. The formula is in powder form, simply add to pet’s feed once daily. 

Improves Immunity

Proven effective against 120 types of common “bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses". The formula targets yeast/fungal/bacterial/viral, worms, mites and other parasitic infections from inside out

Strengthens the immune system against latent viral infections, such as in the cases of FIV , FeLV , FIP, CPV in cats and dogs. Speeds up recovery, enhances resilience and prevents against acute episodes or flare-ups due to immunodeficiency

Suitable for Skin infections, Latent infection, Seasonal infections, General protection

Strengthens Respiratory and Lungs

The formula is effective to ensure smooth relaxed breathing, strengthens cardiopulmonary functions, reduce respiratory problems. Designed to relieve symptoms caused by aging, stress, kennel cough, trachea dysfunction, allergies, asthma and seasonal changes

Heart protection and anti-diabetic

Olive Leaf Extract helps protect the heart , lower high blood pressure, diabetes – maintain optimal blood sugar levels

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