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You can redeem the following selected products with any purchase ^ over $300. 


^ All selected products cannot be purchased separately,redemption is only available for any purchase over $300. For purchase under $300,the selected products will be charged at the original price. 

*Customers will earn the Pet Coins according to the total amount of any purchase. The Pet Coins cannot be spent on the selected products,our system will calculate the amount of Pet Coins that can be spent automatically when the customers are placing an order. 

* More than one selected products can be redeemed at a time. However,some selected products have limited quantities,customers can only redeem with the maximum limit.

【Limited 5 Per Purchase】 Furrie Soybean Cat Litter - Vanilla 19L (2 Bags)

Unique high-temperature production process, ensure product hygiene  Production process using h..
Out Of Stock 【Limited 5 Per Purchase】 Furrie Soybean Cat Litter - Vanilla 19L (2 Bags)

HK$ 260 HK$ 380

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet 3 in 1 Krill Oil 237ml

Feature: DR.pet 3 in 1 Krill Oil provides nutrients and Omegas for full spectrum canine and felin..

HK$ 208 HK$ 260

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Anti-itch & Anti-Allergies Shampoo 250ml

Feature: For irritated, sensitive or dry skin. Relief of red spot caused by allergies or sen..

HK$ 112 HK$ 140

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Antifungal & Antiseptic Skin Spray 8oz

Feature: Against fungal infections such as ringworm Treats bac..

HK$ 128 HK$ 160

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Antiseptic Eye Solution 50ml

Feature: Removes Debris Prevents bacterial eye infections Relieves pain and soothe eye dryness an..

HK$ 74 HK$ 93

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Complete Care Pet Dental Solution 237ml

Feature: Protects Teeth and Gums Reduces Tartar and Plaque Eliminates Bad Teeth Whitens ..

HK$ 88 HK$ 110

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Derma Pro 30 Capsules

Feature: • Natural Ingredients • Supports treatment of various skin diseases • Nut..

HK$ 156 HK$ 195

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover 50g

Feature: Prevent the formation of plaque Soften & remove existing tartar, keep a fresh b..

HK$ 118 HK$ 148

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Ear Clean Solution with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera 118ml

Feature: Reduces Ear Odor Helps Remove Ear Wax & Debris Reduce Ear Inflammations ..

HK$ 78 HK$ 98

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet L-lysine hydrochloride 396mg Immunity Essential 60g

Feature: -Treating FHV-1 and allergies symptoms -Assisting in Immune System Enhancement -Helping ..

HK$ 94 HK$ 118

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Natural Digestive Enzymes 144g

Feature: with Natural sources of Prebiotics , Probiotics Enzymes Assists in digestion and abso..

HK$ 200 HK$ 250

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Natural Hairball Plus Soft Chews for Cat 50 soft chew

Feature: Eliminate hairballs Flaxseed & fish oil help to maintain healthy skin and coat ..

HK$ 88 HK$ 110

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Natural Hairball Remedy 50g

Feature: Eliminating and preventing hairballs naturally A combination of inulin, fi..

HK$ 76 HK$ 95

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Natural Hip & Joint Advance Joint Formula (Powder) For Dogs and Cats 165g

Powder for BOTH dogs and cats Veterinarian formulated Advance Joint Formula containing Glucos..

HK$ 180 HK$ 225

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Professional Tear Stains Remover Liquid 118ml

Feature: Safe and gentle non and gentle, non-irritating Remove stubborn and unsightly stains..

HK$ 72 HK$ 90

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Pure Wild Icelandic Salmon Oil 16oz

Feature: Promotes a healthy, shiny coat Add moisture to help maintain healthy skin Maintain..

HK$ 232 HK$ 290

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Tear Stains Remover 30g

Feature: Help support immune system Lubricate mucous membranes Extremely palatable Natur..

HK$ 208 HK$ 260

【Limited 2 Per Purchase】Dr.pet Urinary Tract Care 30g

Feature: Soothe Bladder & Urinary Tract Prevent Formation of Urinary Stones Active​..

HK$ 110 HK$ 138

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