Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush Ear Cleaner 4oz

Dechra TrizEDTA Ear Cleaner is a cleansing ear flush for routine use, or as part of otic pretreatmen..

HK$ 138

Divine Pets Natural Ear Wash 130ml


HK$ 96 HK$ 106 Ear Clean Solution with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera 118ml

Feature: Reduces Ear Odor Helps Remove Ear Wax & Debris Reduce Ear Inflammations ..

HK$ 98

Hyponic No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner (For Dogs) 120ml

Free of surfactants, sulfates, propylene glycol, alcohol, artificial flavors. Cypress water conte..
Out Of Stock Hyponic No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner (For Dogs) 120ml

HK$ 168

MicrocynAH Ear Wash 100ml

Antibacterial, deodorant, sterilization Use daily to make your ears cleaner   Directio..

HK$ 135 HK$ 150

Micromed-Vet Ag+ Clustol Ear Cleaner 50ml

Clustol Micromed is the solution for cleaning the ears of dogs and cats based on colloidal silver.10..

HK$ 170 HK$ 189

NAS Ear Clear 50ml

Cleaning, soothing and maintaining ear health – naturally Ears can be a haven for dirt a..
Out Of Stock NAS Ear Clear 50ml

HK$ 318

Royal-Pets Cleaning Cotton Pads 30 PCS


HK$ 27 HK$ 30

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Ear Rinse 3oz

FEATURESHelps reduce ear odorsRelieves itching and irritation in earsHelps remove pollutants and for..

HK$ 119

VÉTOQUINOL Ear Cleansing Solution 4 oz.

Vetoquinol  Ear Cleansing Solution is gentle enough for routine use with dogs and cats to aid i..

HK$ 140

Virbac Epiotic Ear Cleanser 125ml (Dogs & Cats)

Epiotic Ear Cleaner is a veterinary ear cleanser designed to remove cellular deb..

HK$ 120

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