Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 50ml

Tear Stain Remover can be used on all breeds of cats and dogs. The product helps remove unslightly s..

HK$ 50 HK$ 55

Burt’s Bees Tear-stain Remover For Dogs 118ml

Tap into nature’s power with Burt’s Bees® All Natural Tear Stain Remover For Dogs, made with chamomi..

HK$ 68 Antiseptic Eye Solution 50ml

Feature: Removes Debris Prevents bacterial eye infections Relieves pain and soothe eye dryness an..

HK$ 93 Professional Tear Stains Remover Liquid 118ml

Feature: Safe and gentle non and gentle, non-irritating Remove stubborn and unsightly stains..

HK$ 90 Tear Stains Remover 30g

Feature: Help support immune system Lubricate mucous membranes Extremely palatable Natur..

HK$ 260

Ecuphar OPTISEPTYL Eye Cleanser 60ml

OPTISEPTYL is a sterile aqueous, isotonic solution recommended for cleansing of eyes and eye areas...
Out Of Stock Ecuphar OPTISEPTYL Eye Cleanser 60ml

HK$ 93

Hyponic Tear Stain Remover For Cats and Dogs 120ml

Your pet’s skin is more sensitive than human skin and far more susceptible to harmful ingredients. H..
Out Of Stock Hyponic Tear Stain Remover For Cats and Dogs 120ml

HK$ 228

Innovet Oculvet® Cleansing Soothing and Humectant Eye Wet Wipes 14pcs

Sterile wipes with cleansing, soothing and humectant action, for cleaning the area around the eye (e..

HK$ 180

Innovet Oculvet® Eye drops 0.4ml x 15tubes

Oculvet Eye drops Soothing and lubricant, for the protection of superficieoculare in all conditions ..
Out Of Stock Innovet Oculvet® Eye drops 0.4ml x 15tubes

HK$ 189

MicrocynAH Eye Wash 100ml

Safety and allergy Wash eyes, fully clean, effective itching Daily use, two more beautiful pet..

HK$ 150

MicrocynAH Ophthalmic Gel 90ml

Anti-allergic, clean, itching Solve eye infections, allergies and dryness problems Long-lastin..
Out Of Stock MicrocynAH Ophthalmic Gel 90ml

HK$ 180

Micromed-Vet Ag+ Silver Water Spray 50ml

Effectively cleans and protects the eyesLighten the issue of lacrimal gland (tear gland)Treating ear..

HK$ 245 HK$ 273

NAS Eye Clear 15ml

Cleans and lubricates – naturally Eyes are one of our pet’s most important senses,..

HK$ 248

Royal-Pets Cleaning Cotton Pads 30 PCS


HK$ 27 HK$ 30

True Iconic Snow Flake Grooming Powder 250g

Remove most stains (saliva, urine and tear) without making the coat brittle A unique fine groom..
Out Of Stock True Iconic Snow Flake Grooming Powder 250g

HK$ 207 HK$ 228

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Eye Rinse 3oz

FEATURESNon-irritating, won’t sting or burnNon-toxic, safe if licked or ingestedSafe for all animals..

HK$ 119

Virbac Virbac Eye Cleanser 125ml

The pH (7.4) of the Virbac Eye Cleanser is the same as the pH of the tear fluid of dogs and cats&nbs..

HK$ 120

Virbac VT Phak Eye Drops 5ml

Le VT Phak VIRBAC are eye drops to fight against the degeneration of old crystalline (cataract) Of t..

HK$ 238

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