HealthyPet Pancerase 30 Capsules

• 胰臟營養添加品 • 補充消化酵素、降低胰臟負擔 • 改善消化,提升吸收效率 • 提供膠囊或粉狀雙重食用選擇..

HK$ 280

LoveMyPet Pancreas 30 Capsules

胰臟消化三酵素澱粉酶、脂肪酶及蛋白酶將食物分解成小分子之後被吸收 補充酵素可促進消化功能升級版 添加益生菌升級版添加鼠李糖乳桿菌及龍根菌更加維護腸道健康、幫助消化產品成分(每顆)本品內含30顆高單位胰..

HK$ 240

Protexin Pro-Enzorb 60 Capsules

Contains a highly active blend of three pancreatic enzymes-Lipase, Amylase and Protease, which act t..

HK$ 840

ScheBo Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick

Non-radioactive pancreatic function test for dogsWeight Loss – Maldigestion in dogs !veterinary-diag..
Out Of Stock ScheBo Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick

HK$ 580 HK$ 630

Vetplus Lypex® For Cats and Dogs (60 Capsules)

Lypex is a unique, clinically proven feed supplement designed to help animals with pancreatic proble..

HK$ 672

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