We know your dog is a part of our family, So everything Nufresh sources are 100 % human grade and we guarantee all meat sources are from overseas. Every Meat we source, we requested the proof of its origin and the imported license to ensure the quality. On the other hand, we have a constant bacteria check with Intertek to ensure every food is up to the highest standard.

NuFresh fresh diet provides four different flavours to give your dog some variation, all meals consist of food amount well calculated by nutritionist and consist various beneficials, your dog will certainly lick the bowl clean with our meal!

NuFresh Wet Dog Food - Beef 200g

Benefits Rich in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, beta-carotene and lutein which support cell devel..

HK$ 28 HK$ 31

NuFresh Wet Dog Food - Chicken 200g

Benefits Helps to build lean muscle mass in dogs and deliver Omega 6 fatty acids that provi..

HK$ 28 HK$ 31

NuFresh Wet Dog Food - Fish 200g

Benefits Rich in omega-3 fatty acid content is high which enhances cognitive function in gr..

HK$ 28 HK$ 31

NuFresh Wet Dog Food - Lamb 200g

Benefits Anti-allergy recipe, great source of protein Contains Iron, Magnesium, Vit..

HK$ 34 HK$ 38

NuFresh Wet Dog Food - Pork 200g

Benefits Packed with excellent sources of protein, Zinc and Vitamins B which is beneficial&..

HK$ 28 HK$ 31

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