Dr.pet Antifungal & Antiseptic Skin Spray 8oz

Feature: Against fungal infections such as ringworm Treats bac..

HK$ 160

MicrocynAH Anti-Itch Spray Gel 120ml

Formulated with the patented and clinically proven Microcyn technology, the MicrocynAH Anti-Itch spr..

HK$ 261 HK$ 290

Micromed-Vet Ag+ Silver Cream 50ml

CREAM WITH SILVER IONS Micromed products The Micromed Silver Ion Cream is a protective and regen..

HK$ 264 HK$ 294

Micromed-Vet Ag+ Silver Water Spray 50ml

Effectively cleans and protects the eyesLighten the issue of lacrimal gland (tear gland)Treating ear..

HK$ 245 HK$ 273

NAS Dermal Cream 60g

Natural hydrating lotion Many pets will experience dry and damaged skin due to seasonal changes, di..
Out Of Stock NAS Dermal Cream 60g

HK$ 238

PAg+ NanoSilver Ions Water 180ml

PAG+ are the animal healthcare products line formulated with the Silver ions technology. It is clini..

HK$ 242

PAg+ Silver Ions Cream 50g

PAg+ Silver ions collection, anti-bacterial products for pets’ skin and household, is investe..

HK$ 270

Royal-Pets Multipurpose Soothing Lotion 150ml

Features :Ÿ   Relieves itching, redness, eczema, insect bites and dermatitisŸ &n..

HK$ 151 HK$ 168

Virbac Allerderm Spot On For Small Dogs and Cats (6 Pipettes)

Composition:  Skin lipid complex (Ceramides 3, Ceramides 6 II, Ceramides I, Cholesterol, Sodium..

HK$ 260

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