Points of Purchase Reward Promotion 

Basic Purchase Reward : 

Every $100 purchased , you can easily earn $4 Pet Coins 


Addition Special Reward:

If you purchase $800-$1799 at once, you can earn extra $8 Pet Coins which is $40 Pet Coins in total including the basic reward Pet Coins.

If you purchase $1800 - $2799 at once , you can earn extra $28 Pet Coins which is $100 Pet Coins in total including the basic reward Pet Coins. 

If you purchase $2800 or above at once, you can earn extra $68 Pet Coins which is $180 in total including the basic reward Pet Coins.


* Pet Coins will be sent to your account automatically once the order is completed. $1 Pet Coins is equal to HK$1.  You can use your Pet Coins on your next purchase.

*All Pet Coins cannot be transferred to others or exchanged to cash.

*Any extra fee and delivery fee will not be counted in the Pet Coins Reward System . 

*Pet coin is not applicable for the purchase of N1 Natural Corn Tofu Litter or Gallop Ganoderma Amboinense Capsule For Pets

*Pet Coins Reward System is not applicable to any service items and Royal Canin Promotion.

*Pet Coins will be deducted from the related refund items.  





Pet Coins 回贈

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